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Helping Teams to Communicate & Collaborate; with Clarity & Confidence

Conversations don't come easy to everyone!

Conversations can be tricky!

Maybe you want to:

Ask for help

Share ideas

Share news

Engage others

Increase accountability

Talk about a sensitive topic

Build confidence, in yourself or others

Whatever the reason is, if we lack the confidence & conviction to undertake the conversation, it can cause stress & anxiety.

I work with individuals & teams to have better conversations, and build their confidence, so they can stress less and be their best.

By changing nothing, nothing changes!

My Relevant Credentials

Professional development is not a one size fits all option.

If I am not able to help you, I will refer you to someone that can. 

Some of the relevant credentials I have are:

  • Certified SWITCH Coach

  • Certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator

  • Certified Emotional Culture Deck Consultant

  • National Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education (NCALNE)

  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA)

My Toolbox

All my workplace programmes are bespoke, just for your business. 

Some of the tools I draw upon are:

  • Lego Serious Play

  • The Wellbeing Deck

  • The Emotional Culture Deck

  • The Customer Experience Deck

  • Personality Profiling - with a Kiwi twist. 


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