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When do you get the "Zoomies?"

How does Change make your team feel?

"Most people are more committed to a familiar discomfort than they are an unfamiliar discomfort" Lisa Nichols. 

Read that again! Do you agree? 

Change can be hard and what is seen as resistance is often just a lack of information and clarity. 

Yip! You got it, change doesn't need to be something that always causes discomfort. By adding a few more conversations about the how and why changes are occurring, people can feel a lot more motivated and inspired by the new proposal. 

You do not need to create a situation where the team are having the "Zoomies." (Like calves when they are first released onto grass - they don't know where to go or what to do!)

Here's ten tips on helping your team when you propose a change that will impact on them:

  • Be clear on your intentions of how you want your team to feel during this time. (An Emotional Culture Deck Change Workshop can help you map this out).
  • Know your timeframe and build in extra for "teething" problems
  • Know what staff it will impact and how
  • Think about ways to minimise the impact
  • Be clear on what resources you will need for it to be successful (time, budget, staffing, machinery...)
  • Set a communications plan to keep impacted staff informed, before, during & after the change
  • Give the staff an opportunity to provide feedback - they may think of ways to implement that you had not thought of
  • Have a Leader that is responsible for ensuring the staff feel safe and supported with the changes, before, during & after the change
  • Keep staff informed of any variations to the plan and how you plan to mitigate any disruptions
  • Upon completion, review the process and include the staff that it impacted.

Change is generally to do one of two things: Solve an issue or Improve a process to allow for growth. 

Either way: Change should be positive. You and your team should feel good about the change and when we feel good about it, we become early adopters and supportive. Win;Win.


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