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Does the Topic of Wellbeing Need to be Serious?

Who said talking about our Wellbeing is a serious topic?

That went out the window on this workshop. It was one of the best I've facilitated using The Wellbeing Deck (WBD) by Tamara Buckland & riders&elephants.

I walked away with sore cheeks - from laughing so much! (And we all know how good it is for our wellbeing).This humble bunch of men from Wade Group were really put on the spot - we talked about things that are not often talked about in the workshop banter, and it was fantastic. 

We looked at what it takes for us to thrive. Then we explored what it takes to keep us alive - yes, we even touched on the topic of suicide. We recognised our influences or triggers and discovered what practices or activities we can undertake to get us through our challenges and lead us back to our "thriving." 

The key takeaways for this team are:

  • What do family friction, sleep deprivation, physical pain & too much to do with too little time have in common? They all lead to us feeling drained, angry, frustrated, discouraged &/or anxious.
  • The solution is: Give yourself permission to do something that feeds your soul - aha! something JUST 4 U. Set a plan in place & make it happen. 

As people who love to be the providers and do what it takes to keep everyone happy, this was a challenging thing to consider, for some. The workshop left the team feeling very grateful that their employer provided an opportunity to look at how they live their lives - nothing to do with work. 

If you would like to see more of the WBD in action or download your own version, click here: If I can help you support the Wellbeing of your team, please reach out. 


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